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How to maintenance of your handbags

When you get the bag you may find that the bag was out of shape and wizened because of the long delivery time and compression. Or there is a little smell inside the bag owes to do not have a long-term secondary storage to dissipate the taste of leather in the warehouse after production assembly line. These are normally happening when receiving the goods. Just put some filler like paper or cottons into the bag and hanging at cool and ventilate, wait a little time and it will very nice to show in front of you
Tips: take good care is more important than maintenance, maintenance is more important than washing; the washing is more important than the purchase. Using the bag in the proper way can improve the durability of the bag!
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* keep the bag dry; if bags wet or moist, it will be deformation;
* Do not let the bag load too heavy, it will be wrinkling, deformation, cracking or damage;
* Pls pay attention to avoid chemical or scratches;
* It cannot repair if the surface of leather or the hardware is scratched;
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* Do not place the glossy (patent leather) bag in a plastic bag to prevent stick together;
* Do not close the bags in different colors together to avoid staining;
Our Bagtreeok is wholesale trading, the bags may not be as nice to see on the site after a long transportation time, please give them a little time. The picture is come from our site ,the Genuine leather short wallet:

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