My life with handbag

Each girl chases for beauty, chase for delicacy and chase for fashion. This is a common but not simple chasing heart, me either.

It’s because the insistence of beauty, high quality and delicacy, god sets a line for me and Nucelle handbags. Early at 2012 year, I saw Nucelle handbags for the first time. My friend Kiki, she sent a pic of Nucelle handbags handbag in WhatsApp, which attract my eyes for the first look, then we make a companion for the following 2 years until now. Yeah, to those beautiful staff, everyone is willing to give out their love and share their story, which is the original starting theory of Nucelle handbags.

I am not like a completely bag fan, love all kinds of bags. I think that each bag should not be more than a carrier, it should be a part of your body, which perfectly sets off your personal character and charms. A delicate, high-level and quality-sense bag is much more than showing its beautiful look, the more important, it shows an attitude to life, a girl’s attitude to life, to herself. Of course, a bag should never lose its practicality, or it will turns into a simple decoration with flaunty outlook.

Nucelle handbags holds the value of 100% genuine leather art, no matter to the designers or to the customers, it reflects an absolutely serious attitude to life and a highly chasing to quality. Delicate women in this new time period, they are spirit independent, or serious with life, or insistant about themselves, no matter how they are, there will be one common point in their life, that the insistence of delicate bags!

There are lots of relationship between bags and people, and it is not supposed to be simple since people fall in love with bags. The decoration and being decorated relationship, personal life must-have relationship, those are all a simple look showing out. In this process, personal taste and position is a more deeper relation, every thoughtful girl should choose a kind of bag suitable for her. From the time when I fell in love with Nucelle handbags, I knew I will never regret for my insist, and I know it’s pure and special.

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