Hello everybody, I’m a small piece of NUCELLE, hardware. Do you know me? With a shiny outlook, bright color, when I was reflected by the sun and shows an attractive aperture, everyone gets fascinated. Sometimes I feel like I am a super star!

I need to go through more than 40 sections, with the creation of tens of professional workers, then turns out the delicate shiny appearance.

First, I need a team who can built a beautiful body shape, they design in the paper. Then professional engineering team join in, analyzes the practical character and durability. After that, we turns to the manufacturing section. A set of could need to be polished 7-15 days with a master of 10 year experience. And that series of operation, it’s just a start.

Each look of hardware has their own specific mould, and masters use the mould to build our shape. NUCELLE is strict with picking material about me.

The next step is to rebuilt and electroplate, I need to be polished smooth enough to wear the shiny clothes.

With highly rotation of cotton wheel, a skillful master polishes me in every aspect. They take care of all details of mine.

Then I was sent to be electroplated. As to electroplate, is to wear a beautiful clothes for me. My wear a layer of 24k gold for my body, and this is the little secret of my natural lustre.

After that, I need to be air drying, which needs the workers hang out one by one. I know that lots of people people just release us to get dried, but it’s hard to imagine, cause I will get oxidized and rusted.

NUCELLE Real leather handbags/shoulder bag Blue

Getting through all these, I need to be coated a layer of oil, which protects me from getting oxidized by exposure in acidity and alkalinity surrounding. Now I turns to a shiny star!

I am so proud to be with my zipper partner and lining partner as a decoration of delicate, elegant NUCELLE bag, which catches all attention of people!
Of course, I am easy to get hurt and needs your protection. With a long term in wet place, like water and hand sweat, I would get hurt. Please love me, and keep maintenance and protection of me.

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