The Collocation between bags and clothes

The Collocation between bags and clothes

How important is it to handbags for women? Let me put it this way! Most of the female friends may have such experience: unless just to the corner shop, or just go out without the bag, there will be a strange sense of insecurity. Bag is not only used to store and protect those who have to take something out, but also the pointer of overall modeling taste.

1.The same as color collocation method: bag and clothes are the same as color with deep light depth collocation, can build a very elegant feeling, for example: leisure suit + white camel handbags.

2.”Contrast” collocation method: bag and clothes can also be a strong contrast color, this will be a very attractive way of collocation. For example: black suit + + red bag black high heels.

3.”Neutral color + 1 dot color collocation method: the neutral color clothing with ornament color bags, it will make you very well, such as: black and white suit + + sky blue bag ShanZuan sandals.

4.And the collocation of clothes printing color echo method: the color of the bag can have a color of clothing printing, such as: olive green, beige, purple skirt + grid purple bags + black high heels.

The color collocation of the bag and dress sense

1.The black bag, noble, elegant, mysterious and sexy, lasting appeal
Can match the color of the clothes: white, grey, meter, blue
2.The white bag – clear, tranquil and pure
Can match the color of the clothes, can match everything
3.Deep blue bag + mysterious quiet, relaxed, reason
Can match the color of the clothes – base color white and black (bag, shoe)
4.The green bag – the color of nature, cool and refreshing, to life
Can match the color of the clothes, the most appropriate is black, white and the deep shallow green, also can and close to yellow, complementary red (preferably not pure color)
5.Color pink bag – unique women
Can match the color of the clothes, white, black, dark pink, rose
6. Yellow bag, eye-catching color, women love, it’s hard to match the color

Can match clothes color – same as color; Black, white, yellow

Collocation is good, wherever you go will be happy!

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