The Spring most popular color,simple but comfident!

Confident grace,ladies elegant product in

Fashion elements

Delicate elliptical hardware lock, for ornament, simple atmospheric bag type, side convergent design makes handbags greater capacity, practical beautiful.
Leather Material introduced
Classic buffalo grain leather

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Use the cow skin as material,workers deal with the surface of the skin to clear the hair and make it plain,more Luster and exquisite.

NUCELLE only use high quality leather
On the material of bag and harsh ,NUCELLE bags waste as much as 30% of leather only to build the most type crisp of cow leather bag, give up all the leftover material, piling up out of the bag to make the best quality.Cutting process is much strict, as well as strengthened the package body, during the production process to ensure the best results.

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This one Handbag use the high quality second layer cow skin leather.Perfect handwork and handsome outward shape is the most popular with girls who love the Finalize the design bag.

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