Bagtreeok new products arrivals 2

Amazing series
Kelly wallets have fashion figure and exquisite hardware lock , it show simple and elegance

Practical and classic wallet
Bi-fold ,Kelly lock, special zip bag, can full check, passport, coin, and many card

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Have it, with the focus of attention
However who the next second you meet, always keep refined and elegant; whether casual occasions or part, it always bring a surprise for you!

wholesale purses

Leather introduce
First layer leather
The wallet using first layer leather, the surface have the original skin features, has good strength, elasticity and plasticity characteristics and so on.

wholesale purses

Color store
Yellow: Bright and beautiful, to make the air become fresh and clean, bring a beautiful mood for you
Pink: Show soft of girl,
Digging the softest part of your heart, brilliant, elegant and noble demeanor.
Green: Elegant aristocratic colors, take a taste of please yourself, elegance and charming.

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