Special bags, special besmirch processing methods:

Special bags, special besmirch processing methods:
*When the bag change the color, Can use a toothbrush with a little neutral detergent to wipe, at this point, the sewing part, using toothpaste to clear it.

1. Have dirt adhesion, gently with the eraser to wipe, with colorless leather cream will finally coated to the surface.

2. Pure white bag can use diluted 1:84 bleach treatment, before use, need to test a small scale.

3. Dark brown series bag can use the banana peel to wipe, the bag can be shiny, also can become more clean.

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4. To oily be soiled with detergent or oxalic acid diluted first, then brush wipe the pollution, and then to normal processing.

5. Handwriting removal methods: with colored fabrics handwriting,used of 95% alcohol, or before washing, brush with detergent directly at the handwriting, do not touch water, five minutes after the conventional treatment.

6. Remove the glue on the bag, can be used white electric oil  (scouring oil) to remove, also can use the essential balm to removal.

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7.After peeling off in the corner of the bag, or damaged,  use the same color as the bag with watercolors painting shade.

8. Commonly used cleaner and tools: detergent, amway, be, collar net, toothpaste, alcohol, eraser, soft brush.
9. DIY cleaner: small amount of water into the milk 50 grams, 30 grams of detergent, alcohol 20 grams, using a soft brush dipped in mixed liquid, gently brush, reoccupy wet towels to wipe off the bubble.

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