What should be attention when selecting handbags?

There are too many bags style, but they are not casually to be selected. Here we like to introduce how to match bags so that once you go out and won’t make yourself awkward.

Petite ladies must avoid to carry Tote handbags, because it seems will lose the center of gravity and they looks like be unsteady, and the whole body almost is covered by a big handbags. It looks very ugly.

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And while you join a formal party, it is better to carry Clutches or messenger bag, but need to avoid to use
The shoulder strap.

Short handle hand bag, most can only portable, some ladies like it for convenient, direct hang the bag on her shoulder, it is ugly.

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When you Wear formal dress, but took a big bag or Boston bag to match the dress. They don’t take.

In the large Boston bag if hold too many things, will make the bag shape go out of form, very awkward, especially soft leather or cloth bag.

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