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Wholesale handbags online

On the streets or at the stations, we are often able to see such a scene: a fashion beautiful girl holds one fashionable bag. Now, fashion has long tentacles extend to the branch of the handbags. It’s necessary to take some time to look at some pictures of fashion bag’s magazine. At least, you can acquire your own style from that.

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The as the most widely spread fashion message carrier, built the most rapid “bridge” between the consumer and the luxury. It spread the information of fashion and conveys the idea of the designer, the attitude of photography, the thought of editors and our own fashion style position and concept.

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Now people are in pursuit of fashion, in various luxury things, handbags have exceptional conditions in crossing the bondage of age, stature and sex, being a modern luxury consumption ranking leader. Bags before seen online is very good, they have a lot of fashion bags magazine pictures, it is a great help for designers to design bags in the design field

The Spring most popular color,simple but comfident!

Confident grace,ladies elegant product in

Fashion elements

Delicate elliptical hardware lock, for ornament, simple atmospheric bag type, side convergent design makes handbags greater capacity, practical beautiful.
Leather Material introduced
Classic buffalo grain leather

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Use the cow skin as material,workers deal with the surface of the skin to clear the hair and make it plain,more Luster and exquisite.

NUCELLE only use high quality leather
On the material of bag and harsh ,NUCELLE bags waste as much as 30% of leather only to build the most type crisp of cow leather bag, give up all the leftover material, piling up out of the bag to make the best quality.Cutting process is much strict, as well as strengthened the package body, during the production process to ensure the best results.

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This one Handbag use the high quality second layer cow skin leather.Perfect handwork and handsome outward shape is the most popular with girls who love the Finalize the design bag.

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Bagtreeok new products arrivals 2

Amazing series
Kelly wallets have fashion figure and exquisite hardware lock , it show simple and elegance

Practical and classic wallet
Bi-fold ,Kelly lock, special zip bag, can full check, passport, coin, and many card

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Have it, with the focus of attention
However who the next second you meet, always keep refined and elegant; whether casual occasions or part, it always bring a surprise for you!

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Leather introduce
First layer leather
The wallet using first layer leather, the surface have the original skin features, has good strength, elasticity and plasticity characteristics and so on.

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Color store
Yellow: Bright and beautiful, to make the air become fresh and clean, bring a beautiful mood for you
Pink: Show soft of girl,
Digging the softest part of your heart, brilliant, elegant and noble demeanor.
Green: Elegant aristocratic colors, take a taste of please yourself, elegance and charming.

Special bags, special besmirch processing methods:

Special bags, special besmirch processing methods:
*When the bag change the color, Can use a toothbrush with a little neutral detergent to wipe, at this point, the sewing part, using toothpaste to clear it.

1. Have dirt adhesion, gently with the eraser to wipe, with colorless leather cream will finally coated to the surface.

2. Pure white bag can use diluted 1:84 bleach treatment, before use, need to test a small scale.

3. Dark brown series bag can use the banana peel to wipe, the bag can be shiny, also can become more clean.

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4. To oily be soiled with detergent or oxalic acid diluted first, then brush wipe the pollution, and then to normal processing.

5. Handwriting removal methods: with colored fabrics handwriting,used of 95% alcohol, or before washing, brush with detergent directly at the handwriting, do not touch water, five minutes after the conventional treatment.

6. Remove the glue on the bag, can be used white electric oil  (scouring oil) to remove, also can use the essential balm to removal.

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7.After peeling off in the corner of the bag, or damaged,  use the same color as the bag with watercolors painting shade.

8. Commonly used cleaner and tools: detergent, amway, be, collar net, toothpaste, alcohol, eraser, soft brush.
9. DIY cleaner: small amount of water into the milk 50 grams, 30 grams of detergent, alcohol 20 grams, using a soft brush dipped in mixed liquid, gently brush, reoccupy wet towels to wipe off the bubble.

wirite by

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Bagtreeok new products arrivals

Exquisite series
The delicate and compact bag with pure and fresh natural color, added a unique vitality and posture; Decorated with metal ornament, contracted and generous style with three-dimensional crisp bag type, Making people fall in love with them at the first sight.

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Say and go Travel
Don’t have to worry about the burden of shoulders, losing heavy dependency, light and beautiful small handbags will accompany you a comfortable time.

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Fashion elements
contracted and generous doctor bag style, Contracted and of the doctor bag, fashion and portable; delicate hardware lock ornament bag body, make the whole bag contracted but with the elegant personality.

Cortical introduction
Napa cowhide
Selection of leather
“NAPA cowhide” English named NAPPA, soft and exquisite is the biggest characteristic of Napa Leather, using the second layer leather as raw material, and then polishing processing on leather surface, finish good, mild waterproof, feel a little thick. Hard feeling cowhide made bags more of tibia and more verve.

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Color story
Apple green: fresh, elegant and pleasant, not only can bring you an energetic atmosphere, but can set off your good skin tone.
Carmine: charming and mildly, carefree charming Carmine, a touch of romance, a trace of fragrance, distribution of elegant femininity.
Violet: rich deep blue, serene self-confidence, noble and elegant colors, a smell of mature glamour style.

How to maintenance of your handbags

When you get the bag you may find that the bag was out of shape and wizened because of the long delivery time and compression. Or there is a little smell inside the bag owes to do not have a long-term secondary storage to dissipate the taste of leather in the warehouse after production assembly line. These are normally happening when receiving the goods. Just put some filler like paper or cottons into the bag and hanging at cool and ventilate, wait a little time and it will very nice to show in front of you
Tips: take good care is more important than maintenance, maintenance is more important than washing; the washing is more important than the purchase. Using the bag in the proper way can improve the durability of the bag!
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* keep the bag dry; if bags wet or moist, it will be deformation;
* Do not let the bag load too heavy, it will be wrinkling, deformation, cracking or damage;
* Pls pay attention to avoid chemical or scratches;
* It cannot repair if the surface of leather or the hardware is scratched;
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* Do not place the glossy (patent leather) bag in a plastic bag to prevent stick together;
* Do not close the bags in different colors together to avoid staining;
Our Bagtreeok is wholesale trading, the bags may not be as nice to see on the site after a long transportation time, please give them a little time. The picture is come from our site ,the Genuine leather short wallet:

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What should be attention when selecting handbags?

There are too many bags style, but they are not casually to be selected. Here we like to introduce how to match bags so that once you go out and won’t make yourself awkward.

Petite ladies must avoid to carry Tote handbags, because it seems will lose the center of gravity and they looks like be unsteady, and the whole body almost is covered by a big handbags. It looks very ugly.

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And while you join a formal party, it is better to carry Clutches or messenger bag, but need to avoid to use
The shoulder strap.

Short handle hand bag, most can only portable, some ladies like it for convenient, direct hang the bag on her shoulder, it is ugly.

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When you Wear formal dress, but took a big bag or Boston bag to match the dress. They don’t take.

In the large Boston bag if hold too many things, will make the bag shape go out of form, very awkward, especially soft leather or cloth bag.

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Our bagtreeok website there are many different types of bags, meet everyone attend different occasions, all starting at $200.we just consentrate on wholesale handbags and you can got a cheap price .If you have questions about wholesale handbags, please consult our customer service at any time.

Nowadays, how to save money to buy handbags for girls?

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First. Focusing on secondary brands bag.
Economic decline making people are more cautious and personalization on selecting bags and other luxury goods. More and more second-line brand handbags preferred by people, they are good quality, design interesting, prices are acceptable, and there will be not two people use the same style bag. However some famous brand bag such as Longchamp (a famous French brand which Spokesperson is Kate Moss); Anya Hindmarch (rise to fame by “I ‘m not a plastic bag”), American famous brand Coach, and recently more and more popular brand Mulberry; They are too expensive to afford, but their replica make itself a famous brand is significance due to poor quality .Carefully read fashion magazines, you can certainly find a price and style are relatively favorable second-line brand handbags, less cost and at the same time also advanced sense of enjoyment.

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Second, the overseas purchase bags.
How to find a reliable website to buy handbags? I have a good commendation , can make your dream come true. It specializes in handbags wholesale, buy in large quantities can save your cost. Also can accept customized, you can achieve it once you think of it.

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How to identify the material of one bag

We are a wholesale handbags website. How to identify the material of bag? Some bags material are leather and some bags material are PU. The important way to identifying one bags is sense identify way. It’s by touch, sight, bending, stretching and other methods to observe the characteristics of leather :
natural leather : Pressed by thumb, it will show thick lines, the good leather surface full and elasticity ; the bad leather show big wrinkle ;

Bagtreeok have three brand,they are NUCELLE , JUST STAR and SAMMONS , among them, NUCELLE are women leather handbags and SAMMONS are men leather handbag. This two brand can stand testing.  Our Nucelle handbags below to give you have a look:

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At wholesale prices Totes — With regard to Style Mindful Individuals

Purses and handbags as well as purses and handbags perform an extremely important part within highlighting a girl personality which is probably the most helpful item that allows you to definitely pack your own publications, makeup products, bank cards, fragrances along with other devices. Just about all women wish for00 stylish totes which fits their own personality. Buckles, tassels, extras, dimension, form as well as storage compartments are a few of the primary stuff that women think about whilst choosing a handbag or even handbag. These days, common purses and handbags tend to be getting a lot popularity because of its affordable character and enormous wide variety. At wholesale prices totes as well as common purses and handbags can be found in huge varies that draws in the majority of customers. You can choose any kind of handbag or even purses and handbags depending on their own choices.

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Selecting Ideal At wholesale prices Ladies handbag

Females usually obtain baffled within choosing a correct handbag. They have to choose whether or not to order outsized handbag in order to provide plenty of things or pick a stylish and classy handbag. Stylish totes are specifically created for university women and operating women because they are much more mindful concerning the latest designs. The majority of women choose totes to get event as well as use of purses and handbags in your mind, whilst various other choose all of them for many reasons. Fashionable purses and handbags are perfect for interpersonal events wherever women want to display their own stylish purses and handbags, however outsized purses and handbags tend to be durable and excellent with regard to workplaces.

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Selecting At wholesale prices Purses and handbags

Purses and handbags is an in history preferred associated with women plus they are forever in lookup associated with appealing and trendy common purses and handbags. There are many companies with regard to common purses and handbags through wherever women can get purses and handbags in best case costs. Web is the greatest moderate to look for common purses and handbags as you may find out multitude of handbags generally there. You can see a number of designs available on the net. You need to think about the trustworthiness of on the web supplier and there is plenty of rip-off or even scams websites participating in web. You need to perform a comprehensive investigation concerning the common supplier before you finally make any kind of ultimate decision. A number of genuine sites provide people common purses and handbags or even common purses and handbags through wherever they are able to choose purses and handbags depending on their own option. A few on the web companies additionally recommend the most recent designs or even designs towards the customers.

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Colour Mixture

You will find far reaching companies to find out duplicate programmer totes as well as programmer purses and handbags as well. Developer elements tend to be preferred through each and every woman however a number of people cannot purchase programmer elements since are quite costly. It is currently feasible to purchase programmer purses and handbags as well as purses and handbags through the companies. You can find a a lot of different duplicate programmer totes as well as purses and handbags provided by all of them. The actual fascinating point concerning the common purses and handbags as well as purses and handbags is the fact that you can find out their own selection of handbag in various tone mixtures. Females may choose their own type of handbag or even purses and handbags through complementing together with using their clothes. This displays the design awareness however only when it really is selected precisely.

At wholesale prices Company

A number of people choose At wholesale prices Add-ons organization} currently the easiest method to generate good looking cash. At wholesale prices organization} receives much more popularity because of its multitude associated with elements as well as its inexpensive costs. A number of companies can be found through to purchase common purses and handbags copious which may be a tremendous amount with regard to organization} oriented people.Please go and visit our site :