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The story of bags

In every street of the city….In every corner of the city….You may find various kinds of bagtreeok…Each bag will have a story of its own…A particular mood of its own…The story in each bag is only known by the owner itself.

There are a graceful lady named Mily who has a bag with a coded lock, and nobody knows what is inside her bag. It looks really heavy, As a big lock hanging on her bag, Everyday, people are guessing that there are must be many secrets in her bag that she would never let other people know. She is really an odd person. However, what is more mysterious is that the key of the lock is just lying beside the lock.

Gloomy sister Windy has a green beggar’s bag. Windy tells people that her bag is like a letter, which is plastered with stamps and traveling from one city to another. With her bag, Gloomy windy likes to walk on the way to another city in a snowy day. She believes that the stamped bag can send her to wherever she wants to.

Lisa is a fashionable girl, who believes in romantic love. Friends often see her carrying her Kitty bag coming in and out a romantic coffeehouse alone. Lisa says that she always believe that one day she will meet her dewy pink love. She is waiting all the time for the love which only belongs to her. She is like the Kitty on her bag who is waiting lonely!

Muddle-headed Arrow is a girl who often gets lost, but she believes what jimmy said in his cartoon that there must be a boy who is just walking in her opposite direction. Sometimes she walks in the left direction….other times she walks in the right direction….She cannot tell which way is north and which why is south. Carrying her bag, every day the only thing she does is to walk through all the streets in the city. She believes what cartoon tells her.

Cherry has a very big bag made from cloth, She says that is sewn by her grandmother, so she would never leave behind it. Cherry is a girl who has a strong nostalgic feeling. She is reluctant to throw away anything, including her memory of childhood. That’s why she needs a big bag to hold all these things! Cherry said there would be no happiness if there was no memory.

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Witty is a beautiful girl who has a pair of bright big eyes. She is a happy girl as she has s joyful heart. But nobody knows that she is nearsighted, and everything in her eyes is obscure, She often tell “happy” on her bag, “it is not necessary to see the world so clearly, or you will feel sad, Am I right?

Rainy is a girl who is easily got heart-broken. She often cries in the rain. She told me that she is always treating other people sincerely and think good of the society. As a girl who is as innocent as her transparent bag, why she is so easily to be hurt?

Each person’s style is different, But the pursuit is the same, What is your bag style? Carrying what a kind of story…

Buying Excellent Evening Bags

A beautiful bag, like Cinderella’s slipper, own it, You’ll be the prince’s sweetheart. Since you have destined to the woman and the bag which has inseparable relationship. Before you greedy for collecting a perfect bag, let’s go to discuss a few tips about how to buy a handbag first Tote Bags For Women!

Handbags and height

Wide large handbag is popular, but how to choose it according to your height and Figure. If more than 165 centimeters in height, you should try to choose the length of approximately 60 cm, vertical loaded into a magazine sized handbag. If you at the height of 158 cm below the words, you should choose a total length of about 50 cm, which was loaded into the magazine sized handbag. It can Elongate your proportions Leather Crossbody Bag.

Handbags and deportment

When using small shoulder strap bag you can be slightly under fixed handbags to avoid the bag body swing; and handbag would be up in arms, elbows naturally by the waist line into a 90 degree; while no belt bag sheet hands in the chest, or along the arm’s length naturally support near the thigh position, we should not put no belt bag under his arm Evening Clutch Bags!

Handbags and color

To assort or arrange in pairs or groups of handbags, jewelry and clothing, color plays a pivotal role in your total dress. The same color but hierarchy depth clear assort or arrange in pairs or groups, can create a generous and elegant style. Handbags Wholesale and wearing color contrast, such as a black dress and assort or arrange in pairs or groups of red bag and shoes, is a bright personality eyes assort or arrange in pairs or groups; handbags can be any color selection on floral dress or coat pattern printing, the overall feeling lively but not yet elegant style.

Handbags and leather

Common natural leather will be fine texture, the thumb pressing rank better, leather elasticity and full degree is better. Suede pattern common wavy arrangement, coarse and fine; cow leather texture dense, pore showed irregular dot arrangement; skin is rough surface, the pattern is usually threepores of a group of distribution, may be hard or soft Satchels For Women.

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Handbags with handmade

No matter how much time you will spent to buy a handbag, you always want to buy the best one. Selecting one style, we should check the bag surface carefully and the interlayer is not suture place, outside is solid connection straps; such as metal accessories, must check the material is easy to fade or not, zipper and button function is perfect or not, these can not be ignored.

Why you need a proper bag

Every woman who cares about her appearance and the way she dresses knows that wholesale handbags are extremely important accessories because they can contribute a lot to your overall look. In fact, no outfit is complete without a good, sensibly selected handbag.

A proper handbag is not only a way of good appearance to a women, but also a part of her life. It’s true, and I know you will not deny it.

We have to consider the more practical aspects of a handbag before we get into this discussing. No matter how stylish or gorgeous a handbag is, if it is not practical or useful in some way, the handbag cannot really do anything for you and there is no doubt about it. Keep in mind that handbags exist for a reason and the main reason they were invented in the first place is because women needed something where they could put the things that they might need once they leave the house.

Depending on what you need to carry with you, choose a bag that can hold everything.

However, you might want to reconsider the things that you carry with you because the size of the handbag can have an effect on how your body looks like. Believe it or not, there is a whole philosophy behind handbags and body types. In other words, you cannot simply buy any kind of handbag because not all of them look great on you. According to some of the best stylists, petite women have to avoid XXL bags while tall women should avoid the ones with very short straps.

Another reason why you might want to reconsider the content of your handbag is because extremely heavy handbags can take a toll on your body, especially if you are petite or very slim. Let’s face it, you probably don’t need a lot of things you carry in your bag and it is important for you to be extremely sensible and rational when it comes to choosing which things you will carry with you. Your health should come first and if you tend to carry heavy bags each day for years, you can bet that this will have some effect on your health.

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In case you are wondering which handbags are perfect for you, in addition to the size and the function of the bag, the style is also something that you have to consider because a stylish, yet practical handbag is all you need to look more sophisticated and more elegant. Needless to say, there are all sorts of styles of handbags, but be careful while choosing them because you don’t want to end up combining the styles that do not really go so well with the clothes you have. If you are not sure and if you want to be on the safe side, always choose classic handbags of neutral colors because they really go well with any kind of outfit.
Wish we have solved this difficult thing for you in the daily life. Try it, and find you a proper handbag.

Purses Wholesale — Save your valuable Cash And obtain Accessorized

Imagine if you receive chance to purchase the majority of stylish as well as classic purses and Wholesale Handbags in at wholesale prices cost? You will certainly shout along with joy as well as hurry in order to get which delicious chance prior to eliminating through the marketplace. There are several bulk suppliers as well as merchants who would like to attract consumers by giving the actual purses and handbags at wholesale prices at most minimal costs. The present companies are about spending less and create advisable buying. Therefore the majority of the merchants tend to be contending with one another when it comes to bringing in absolutely free themes.

The reason why these types of provides tend to be released within marketplace?
The easy solution of the issue is actually growing the actual product sales as well as making much more revenue. These types of provides tend to be good for each because merchants is going to be getting much more amounts of clients while clients is going to be taking pleasure in the lowest priced price from the brand purses and handbags as well as totes. Still you will find couple of much more factors of those discount rates while offering.
• Occasionally merchants as well as bulk suppliers experience the actual rigid competitors within marketplace so that they bring in these types of provides to remain forward within competitors.
• One more might be share clearances that could become lead associated with more than inventory associated with variety of purses which stay in the actual share. Therefore, they need to slow up the associated with the merchandise promote on the market.

• Creating popularity within marketplace through producing much more amounts of potential customers. This is a type of building relationship using the clients through successful their own minds offering all of them brand and classy purses and handbags at wholesale prices in the least expensive price.
• This might be the actual access technique from the brand new entries on the market. Marketing the actual totes in at wholesale prices price may be the greatest access technique within the extremely competing marketplace.
Becoming educated clients you have to imagine concerning the factors from the provides to be able to be sure of getting the very best quality item. Although these types of provides tend to be helpful however, you need to discover the actual merchants or even bulk suppliers who else provide you with much better than the very best products. Not every from the merchants can provide high quality totes as well as purses and handbags in the least expensive cost. This means you need to be really snello whilst looking for the actual merchant.

• High quality of purses may not become sub-standardized
• The design, style as well as colour system from the totes will be in accordance with the needs as well as choices from the purchasers.
• Broad variety of the actual totes as well as generally there must not be any kind of restrict associated with buy can be staying away these to purchase a lot amounts of items.
• The actual clear marketing process wherever almost all clients is going to be supplied with comparable type of solutions and also the precise product information.
• Protected transaction portal with regard to safe deal
• Identified sorts of the merchandise
• Make sure that the assistance tend to be delivered through the merchants or even bulk suppliers tend to be specific.
They are couple of essential factors that one may very easily within his or her thoughts and revel in the actual affordable buying of Hobo Bags at wholesale prices. Still one particular will be currently using these types of factors whilst searching for stylish and classy handbag in least expensive price through the marketplace.