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Agent Application

What be called as agent? How many kinds of agent can be Chosen?

A company, a single merchant or an owner of online shop who present Bagtreeok to sell Bagtreeok’s products in the market —— This are agencies.


The different forms of agent in Bagtreeok. We have two options of agent, which customers can choose to be: general agent and sole agent. And sole agent includes: city sole agent, state sole agent and country sole agent.


What’s the advantage to be an agent?

a、To avoid competition of the same product & brand in the market.

b、You can have a better sale and become top wholesaler of this product & brand in the market.

c、When this brands come to world top, you will have the priority to renew agent contract in your market.


1、Agent has part or all right to resell and use our brand, trademark in the market.

2、Agent will sign paper with us to protect our transaction, which ensure our business powerful and under the force of law.

3、Agent will have special support on prices, service and advertising to our agencies.

4、Agent can know and order our new arrivals the first time, before it published to market.


How to become an agent of Bagtreeok in my market?

Please follow below steps:

1、Download our application document at the bottom of the page. Full fill the application document and send back to us by email to Well noted that complete and more detailed information will be helpful.

2、We will take 1-3 working days to process your application and then our staff will contact you to go forward.

3、After negotiation between both parties, we have to sign a contract which under the willing of two parties.

4、Fulfill duties and execute rights under the terms of contract.


What are the necessary responsibility an agent should take?

1、Try the best to sell our product, try the best to protect the reputation of our company and brand.

2、Finish the sale target in the market every month.

3、Spread our ideals of design and fashion to every customers.

4、Collect the latest fashion trend and element in local market and feedback to Bagtreeok.

5、Carry out the other duties which are shown in contract.


What do you want particularly or specially from Bagtreeok?

If you have special demand of our support and service, please tell us in Agent Application.


Agent Application.doc


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